Just lie on the massage table and don't try to help to the massage therapist, please...

Written by Attila Gaspary, 12/May/2023

Sometimes, when the client lies on the massage table and the massage therapist tries to put some pillow or bolster under the feet, then the client try to help. In this case the client lifts up the feet unexpected quick. Please, don't do that.

Also, when the massage therapist tries to stretch some group of muscles, for example around the shoulder, some clients put their arms to on the back. It is more dangerous, than the above one.

When the clients lift up their legs unexpected way, that can hurt the face of massage therapist only.
When the clients put their arm on the back, that can hurt the massage therapist a little, because maybe need "to wrestling" with the client and maybe it can hurt the face of the therapist too. But it definitely can hurt the joint of shoulder of the clients.

So when you decide you would like receive a massage, after when you are on the massage table you can speak, but you can not move. And definitely don't try to help with move. The massage therapist will inform you, if need any assist from you.

For example: 'Sir or madam, now it is time to turn face up. I will ongoing cover you, and you stay under the towel and you can turn face up, please. Is it good for you?' 
When the answer is yes: 'Then turn, please.'

And that's it. No one hurts and the client can continue to enjoy the massage.